Preraju Journal <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Google Scholar</a></p> en-US Preraju Journal Bad Politics - Two Minds Are Better Than One <p>The term "bad politics" is thrown around quite a bit these days, and perhaps with good reason. We have seen it over the last couple of weeks in the media again over Sarah Palin's selection as Governor of Alaska, but also in the resignation of California's Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger (who happened to be running for President at the time.) In a way, both the current situation in California with the new Gov. Jerry Brown and the preceding situation in Alaska with former Gov. Palin have some lessons to learn for our country. There are many things that can and do get politicians into trouble in American politics. The most important lesson learned here however is that we can avoid the pitfalls of bad politics if we have a common sense strategy and if we have a really clear set of principles to which we stick.<br>One of the reasons why we seem to enjoy so much political drama in the United States, and the West more generally, is that there is a separation of powers in our government. Whereas fundamentally, all branches of government serve the same public purpose, in practice they tend to operate with an agenda of their own, often at the expense of the voters. In other words, they are elected for specific purposes, but the ultimate decisions are made by voters through the political system. This situation, ironically, provides free space for bad politics to occur because business leaders, who have more power than any other sector of government, have been corrupted by campaign cash and are now attempting to play political football.<br>One of the lessons that anyone who is serious about business must learn is that good and honest government, regardless of which branch is in charge, can only come from honest leaders. Without honesty, and the willingness to be held accountable, the institutions of governance will disintegrate and crumble. Just ask yourself this: if a business owner is questioned about the political motivations behind a particular deal, is he or she being honest? That's why it's so important that CEOs, business leaders, and all elected leaders develop an honesty policy and commit to it from the beginning of their political career.<br>Is America a nation of honest leaders? I'm afraid not. As we have seen throughout our history, America has sometimes put politics over principle, and the results have been corrupt leadership and bad politics. Not only was America once a shining beacon to the rest of the world, but it still is one of the greatest nations in the world. However, because of our penchant for bad politics, we have allowed our political system to become corrupted through the interests of special interests groups, and crony capitalism.<br>There are two schools of thought concerning the problem of bad politics. On the one hand, economists argue that bad politics is a symptom of bad economics. They point out that our political system tends to go along with the economy, and bad economic times do seem to affect our governing principles. Furthermore, there is some resistance to economists on the grounds that it is impossible to observe or measure political activities so there is no way to tell if bad practices are encouraged or discouraged. The other camp points out that both economic policies and politics are affected by the state of the economy.<br>The problem with this argument is that it falls apart when you examine what the two major parties support. Both Democrats and Republicans are committed to a strong national defense, massive infrastructure investments, social programs for the poor, and moderate social policies regarding sexuality and immigration. All of these programs are considered much too costly for most citizens, and even the Republicans acknowledge that fact.<br>Unfortunately, the only area where they agree is on carbon taxes. Economists all agree that increasing the cost of energy is a terrible thing, and that the only way to effectively address the problem is through carbon taxes. Unfortunately, both Republicans and Democrats support increasing the cost of energy through carbon taxes, despite the economists' agreement. Unfortunately, this is perhaps the best example of "bad politics" - consensus politics. Politicians just decide to go with what their party happens to be supporting at any given time, regardless of what the real world results are.<br>It is also unfortunate that journalists continue to give coverage to arguments between Republicans and Democrats over national issues such as same-sex marriage and gun control. There is no debate among the Democrats and Republicans on these issues, so why is there a battle over the definition of bad politics? Is it truly bad if both parties support the same policy, albeit on somewhat different terms? If we can learn from the past and move forward by forging a bipartisan consensus on the most pressing political issues of our day, maybe we should take a cue from Europe and the United States and learn from the political coalitions here in Australia.</p> Saddam Amir Copyright (c) 2021 Preraju Journal 2021-05-25 2021-05-25 1 2 Bad Politics and the Economics <p>In the new movie, The Gatekeepers, starring Matt Damon and Anne Hathaway, an American president is faced with the difficult choice of removing a U.S. senator who is considered "unfit to serve." Unfit to serve was the very accusation directed at President George W. Bush at the start of his term, a charge that Bush refused to answer and seemingly rather amused himself at the prospect of having to answer to the accusation of "bad politics." If the film is any indication of how American politics is conducted today in the White House, it's an interesting idea. After all, aren't all elected officials up for election every four years so perhaps the country needs another "elbow grease executive branch cleanup."</p> <p>But it goes further than that. Because the film makes fun of both sides of American politics, much more than a comedy in which a bad politician is lampooned, it also attacks the American democracy itself. It is a very revealing film that makes light of both the excesses of idealistic idealism and the corruption, cronyism, and outright greed that permeate our political institutions. It is a timely expose of how badly our system is broken and it is a film that anyone who values their own intelligence and a robust commitment to a healthy republic must see.</p> <p>Of course, the United States is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There are plenty of social evils in our nation, including large segments of the population which are clearly hopeless utopiaists. And yet in America there are still people willing to put forth the effort to build the most incredible of skyscrapers, to put together the greatest of defense technology, to develop the most wonderful of medical procedures, to push the most cutting edge educational curriculums. The bad part of American politics, according to this criticism, is that the Republicans are just too arrogant to admit that they aren't working, while the Democrats are too willing to work hard. In the end, according to the most trenchant of critics of American politics, the system is basically a Ponzi scheme: the richer have more, the poorer have less.</p> <p>This is the crux of the matter, according to the most trenchant of critics of bad politics in America. The existence and prominence of both parties in America mean that politicians of both parties are inevitably beholden to the same interest that funds both themselves and their parties. And that means that while the Democrats may sometimes gain ground from time to time, they are forever indebted to the Koch brothers, and to Ayn Rand and other hard-liners on the far right. So basically, the critiques of American politics made by Noam Chomsky are true.</p> <p>By the way, it is worth noting that the criticisms of American politics by Noam Chomsky and other prominent scholars of international affairs have been frequently made by scholars of good politics as well. Indeed, many scholars of both international relations and good economics have long argued that the existence of strong national unions and political parties in America is largely caused by bad economics - cheap petroleum, labor-intensive manufacturing processes, etc. - rather than by any uniquely American culture. The political scientists put it this way: that national governments create favorable incentives for citizens to behave in the economic interest of the country, and that this government behavior creates a microeconomics of sorts that benefits both parties.</p> <p>By the way, the "carbon tax" that has recently plagued environmentalists in the United States is a good example of this point of view. Many economists argue that the Bush administration's attempt to institute a carbon tax as a way to address climate change was little more than a politically expedient move to generate support for expensive green energy initiatives from environmentalists. As a result, the "carbon tax" looks set to be a major political failure. Indeed, a recent study by professors at Cambridge University found that it would fail to reduce carbon emissions, and would in fact increase carbon dioxide levels.</p> <p>By the way, it also helps that economists don't like taxes. It is estimated that economists around the world would rather write off an investment than give it away. So, if this is a political logic, it is quite powerful. And when you consider all the promises that were made during the campaign about higher education, health care, infrastructure, clean energy, and so on - it should be clear that politicians have not been doing their homework when it comes to designing policy - when it comes to economics.</p> <p>But, as always, the devil is in the details. Economists may not be able to explain every possible outcome with the data they have, but they can offer a perspective on why a given policy may not pass the scrutiny of economic policy makers. It is important, then, not to look at the details, but to look at the big picture. We should examine the political reasons behind bad economic policies and understand that the solution lies in the process, not in the legislation.</p> Gleen Marquez Copyright (c) 2021 Preraju Journal 2021-05-25 2021-05-25 1 2 Bad Politics - Capitalism or Communism? <p>"Bad Politics" by Michael Moore is a witty and biting political comedy. It tells the story of Moore, a fourth grader who frustrates his teachers with his comments and lack of schoolwork. He is also foul-mouthed and bullies his classmates. When a Black student bullies him in school, he retaliates with a tirade of political incorrectness and even reveals some of his own bad habits and wrong doings.<br>The United States of America is perhaps the most capitalist country in the world. That is to say, it is a country that allows free enterprise, relatively free government, and competitive businesses. All of this is to say that American politics is perhaps the most "capitalism" system in the world. However, some economists believe that the level of capitalism in the United States has been declining because the business world has become so corrupt. As more businesses fail, more citizens turn to the political system as a last resort.<br>With his movie, Michael Moore addresses what he perceives as the flaws within American politics and the problems with the economic reforms that have been passed since the Reagan Revolution. The movie highlights three main issues: Corporate interests, crony capitalism, and ineffective leadership. Specifically, he focuses on the relationship between Congress, Wall Street, and big business. He also makes a good point when criticizing economic reforms that have been passed over the years, such as the regulatory agencies concerning bailouts and worker protections. However, it would have been better if he had produced his documentary before these agencies were created.<br>While discussing the political system in the United States, Michael Moore misses an important point. He fails to recognize that the political system in the United States is fundamentally a capitalist one. Most citizens of the United States live in a capitalist society. Whether we like it or not, that is the reality of our existence. Therefore, anyone making criticisms of the United States government or capitalism without actually thinking of their country as a capitalist society is making a big mistake.<br>The second major error that Moore makes in his documentary is his continual recourse to Democratic and Republican politicians to attack Republicans. It is ironic that his own party makes him go after them. Instead of trying to build bridges with Democrats and independents to promote his own party, he resorts to trying to undermine the Republicans. This could only be viewed as bad politics, yet many Americans seem to support his accusations.<br>The third error that I find in his film is his incorrect use of political logic and the collapse of reasoning. In his criticism of the Democrats and Republicans, he compares the Carbon Tax with the Gestapo. He says that the Democrats are worse than the Gestapo because they are more willing to sacrifice the well-being of the American people for their political gain. Incorrect political logic indeed; this is quite an erroneous argument, and I would love to see him back up on this.<br>Further, Moore makes a fatal mistake in his comparison of economic policies with Communism. The reality is that there were no communist regimes in India prior to Independence, and yet the Congress party brought one in. Further, why should we stop with the Soviet Union when India has over 30 socialist parties? Furthermore, did the Indians suffer any worse economic policies than the former communist governments? Well, no, they didn't suffer nearly as much economic hardships as the former Soviet Union countries, but perhaps they got it right when they elected their leaders based on their philosophies and values, which are not far different from socialism.<br>As far as Bad Politics goes, I would give it four stars out of five. There is nothing inherently wrong with a documentary like this, as long as all the facts are studied and analyzed. Moore's errors can be rectified with more research and by watching his other documentaries. Unfortunately, this is not enough for me, as I am thoroughly disgusted with the way the film was produced and its utterly poor quality. Please consider all this.</p> Vexana Watson Copyright (c) 2021 Preraju Journal 2021-05-25 2021-05-25 1 2 Bad Politics & Carbon Taxes Are The Cause Of Problems <p>Many people seem to think that all politics is bad. I'm sure there are some Republicans and Democrats who do that, but in general it's a bunch of nonsense. The reality of politics is that both parties engage in dirty tricks from time to time. For the Republicans it's best to just say "screw it up!" for every successful plan they come up with.</p> <p>Luckily, even though we have a horrible political system in America, the American business leaders who run the country really do care about America. In fact they are some of the most dedicated individuals in the world. They understand that our political system is broken and they are tired of playing this game.</p> <p>Unfortunately, many American citizens who have been politically corrupted by both parties don't understand why the political system is so bad. They blame all the politicians for their woes. I tend to disagree. Sure, the politicians have a difficult time getting things done through congress. But the reason why so many things go on in our government at such a slow pace is because there are too many bad politicians running around making things difficult for the system.</p> <p>What's most interesting is that Republicans and Democrats in America aren't nearly as upset with their own parties' political strategies. It's almost like they want to win so they can throw a few curveballs in the mix. The Republicans and Democrats in America have a lot of hypocrisy when it comes to politics. It's one of the biggest reasons why America is still great.</p> <p>There is only one political party in America that truly believes in working with both sides of the aisle and working with everyone. And that would be the Democratic Party. I would submit to you that virtually no other political party in America would agree with that approach. So, much of what the Republicans and the Democrats do stem from bad politics and poor choices by their own political party.</p> <p>Now then, it makes sense to have good politics and bad politics. But when it comes to American politics and government, which are what our elected officials are all about, they just throw the two together and call it politics. Some economists and some scholars say that the problem with American politics and government is that our politicians and our elected officials don't really understand how to govern and they just want to win. It seems like almost any type of trade off that we use in the economy, they either come out ahead or they go back in favor of the other side.</p> <p>So, I'd submit to you that if American politicians would learn to play good economics and use common sense and base their decisions on factual evidence and sound economic reasoning, they'd actually make more sense. Unfortunately they just throw politics into the mix. But it's almost like they think if it happens enough, they'll win anyway. And this sort of explains why we have so many politicians that just seem to be saying whatever they want to say regardless of what the facts are. Not long ago, I was talking to an acquaintance, and she said something to me that really hit home because it illustrates a point that I have been making over again for a long time; that all politicians lie, and we should just go along with them, and I've made this point many times but it bears repeating.</p> <p>Indeed, I also noted in one of my previous articles that the economists don't really understand what they're doing when it comes to economic policy, which is why they can't fix it, just tell everyone else what to do. However, when it comes to dealing with the political leaders of the country, they seem to be pretty much unprofessional, although I guess that's the fault of the media for basically forcing them into that role. Still, it's troubling because you see politicians promising these wonderful things and then delivering nothing because they just can't get their way through the political gridlock.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Ren Hokaido Copyright (c) 2021 Preraju Journal 2021-05-25 2021-05-25 1 2 Bad Politics in the United States of America <p>Bad Politics is a very interesting concept in the world today. In modern-day America many political pundits decry the "so called" bad politics in American politics. They claim that it is distasteful for politicians to get themselves so embroiled in other people's petty political wars. I beg to disagree. Not long ago, I was having a conversation with an acquaintance who works in Washington D.C. about the current state of affairs in American politics and she correctly asked, "are we better off political wise, or do we suffer from bad politics?"<br>The simple truth is that in any stable democratic republic, any representative who breaks with the will of the people will be voted out and no representative can serve for long if they are seen as obstructing the will of the people. However, with our archaic and corruptible government system in America and the lack of ethics that currently permeates our political culture; we indeed have bad politics. The only problem with this fact is that most people do not understand what bad politics actually is. If more people knew what it was all about; perhaps we could begin to stem the tides of corruption and political gridlock that have clouded our political system for too long.<br>One of the best things that came out of the recent congressional hearings on the IRS was the realization that our political system is rotten to the core. Most people in congress and the Senate and House and all levels of government in America really should take some time out and ask themselves why this is happening and what is wrong with the American political process and our political system in general. It is time for all elected officials in all levels of government to resign because they are unfit to continue to lead this country.<br>Unfortunately, we cannot simply wait around until enough voters come to a conclusion and then remove these bad apples. Until that time arises, it is up to each citizen to reject any politician who is unfit to lead through their own party's platform. We must stand firm and make sure that any politician who leads our great nation is not only popular within their district but also with the rest of the world. A healthy dose of good politics is necessary to keep this great country strong and free of corruption in every sector of our society.<br>If we allow our representatives to continue their bad politics and resist the economic reforms that are necessary for our economy to grow, we will be rewarded later down the road. If they are not removed from office, the political poisons will continue to poison the minds of voters and we will not enjoy the prosperity that is necessary to keep our political systems functioning properly. As long as our elected officials continue to pass the blame, raise taxes, shut down agencies and waste our natural resources at will; we will continue to suffer the repercussions of their bad political decisions.<br>Of course, all elected officials are going to take a hit when the economic downturn hits but at least people will start paying attention again to politics and vote for honest leaders and less corruptible ones. Without honest politicians pushing for economic growth and tax cuts, things may get so bad that a military solution is necessary to unify the nation. Once the economy starts growing again, people will once again start paying attention to politics and hopefully give those in elected office what they deserve - positive results for our nation and good politics.<br>Sadly, many Republicans and some Democrats want to continue their bad politics and see only politics as one of the three major parties. In reality, politics is divided into three main categories; Democratic, Republican and Independent. While many believe that Republicans are more "moderate," the record tells us otherwise. Many Republicans today are far too extreme in their politics and disregard the three party system, believing that it is divided right along party lines.<br>Regardless, of where you live in the United States of America, please consider all this and the fact that bad politics does not have a place in our beautiful country. We must elect honest leaders and remove from office those who do not understand our nation or those who cannot tell the difference between what is good for America and what is best for India. We need less politics in the United States of America. Consider this in 2021.</p> Julia Maria Santos Copyright (c) 2021 Preraju Journal 2021-05-25 2021-05-25 1 2